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Busy Bees Preschool, for children ages 3 to 4 years old, utilizes Innovations: The Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum. In addition to basic care and nurturing, this curriculum provides learning activities and experiences in Dramatic Play, Sensory & Art, Construction, Science & Discovery, Literacy &
Writing, Math, Music, Movement, and Outdoor Exploration.

The Busy Bee Preschool curriculum includes the following “Possibilities Plans” and monthly themes: Saying Hello; Castles; Making Messes and Cleaning Them Up; Creepy Crawlies (and Germs); Maps; Spin Me a Tall Tale; What Will I Be?; Space; Where Does It Come From & Where Does It Go?; Building Up & Tearing Down; Fantasy Figures & More!; and Saying Goodbye.  All these themes are aligned with the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards listed below, which help provide kindergarten readiness for your child.

It is important for our teachers to nurture and support your preschool child’s growth. Parents are also a vital part of this process and can assist with reaching kindergarten readiness for their child.  In order to integrate some of the preschool activities with home activities, we provide parents with our monthly curriculum guideline. We highly encourage parents to work at home on topics discussed at school and provide your child with an academic advantage.

Here is this months Preschool Child Development Plan, an overview of activities, enrichments and experiences.  We encourage families to use these plans at home to further support your child's development.  Feel free to ask your child's teacher for a copy of any songs or possibilities you see, were happy to help. 

Click the individual  Preschool Academic Guidelines below to see how we help your child grow:

serving preschool near Twinsburg & Garfield Heights with kindergarten readiness

Kindergarten Readiness for your Preschool Busy Bee

Academic Guidelines

early growth

We help your child:

  • Communicate their emotions.
  • Compare their personal characteristics to others.Express affection.
  • Seek comfort and security when upset.

We help your child:

  • Take risks and seek new experiences.
  • Follow their interests.
  • Use their imagination.
  • Express their thoughts and feelings through art.

We help your child:

  • Demonstrate control, coordination, and balance.
  • Use objects during active physical play.
  • Regulate reactions.
  • Identify and describe body parts.

We help your child:

  • Communicate about past events.
  • Reenact past events.
  • Participate in pretend play.
  • Solve problems based on past experience.

We help your child:

  • Count to solve simple addition and subtraction problems.
  • Sort objects by size, shape, color, quality, etc.
  • Recognize patterns.
  • Describe and compare objects.

We help your child:

  • Demonstrate and understanding of time.
  • Develop an awareness of his or her personal culture.
  • Appreciate family cultural stories and traditions.
  • Understand rules and responsibilities.

We help your child:

  • Engage in scientific inquiry.
  • Explore properties of objects and materials.
  • Identify behaviors of living things.
  • Explore habitats and environments.

We help your child:

  • Follow directions and requests.
  • Use language to communicate in a variety of ways.
  • Participate in shared reading, familiar books, poems, and chants.
  • Use drawing and writing to communicate ideas.

creative's curriculum

early growth

Because a child’s early experiences are so crucial to development, our Comprehensive Creative Curriculum follows Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards to provide on-going kindergarten readiness.

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Enrichment Programs

better learning

To enhance your child’s learning beyond the curriculum, we offer several enrichment programs. These programs are included with your tuition and include innovative learning in the areas of fitness, music and Spanish.

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fun for the family

Throughout the year, and for extra fun for children, parents and teachers, we hold events planned around curriculum themes, the four seasons and holidays.

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