Sweet Peas

our teachers bring out the beaming smiles in your little sweet pea!

Sweet Peas for infants 6 weeks to 18 months features Innovations: The Comprehensive Infant Curriculum. In addition to basic baby care and nurturing, this curriculum provides learning activities and experiences in our nursery with Dramatic Play, Sensory and Art, Curiosity, Literacy, Music, Movement, and Outdoor Exploration.

This Infant Curriculum includes the following “Possibilities Plans” in our nursery with monthly themes: Me!; Mommies & Daddies!; Inside & Outside; Open & Close; Big & Little; Cars, Trucks, and Trains; Storybook Classics; Sounds; Competent Me; Windows, Walls, Doors, and Hallways; Senses; Bubbles, Mud, and Puddles.

Our teachers provide a loving, nurturing nursery environment where your baby can feel safe and secure. Infants learn by listening, and we do plenty of interactive play with them so that they can learn naturally at their own rate. We construct developmentally appropriate experiences through our baby care to guide each infant, and look forward to sharing with parents these milestones in growth and development.


Here is this months Infant Child Development Plan, an overview of activities, enrichments and experiences.  We encourage families to use these plans at home to further support your child's development.  Feel free to ask your child's teacher for a copy of any songs or possibilities you see, were happy to help.

Click on the individual Infant Academic Guidelines below to see how we help your baby grow:

Nurturing baby care through Love and Interactive Play



Approaches Towards Learning 

Academic Guidelines

early growth

We help your child:

  • Express emotions.
  • Understand a sense of self.
  • Build strong relationships.
  • Engage with others.

We help your child:

  • Show interest in people and objects.
  • Develop and explore interests.
  • Make discoveries.
  • Interact with art materials.

We help your child:

  • Demonstrate strength and control of their bodies.
  • Use their senses to explore their surrounding.
  • Show awareness of their body.
  • Interact in physical activities.

We help your child:

  • Respond to familiar and unfamiliar people.
  • Anticipate routines.
  • Explore objects, people, and actions.
  • Use their body to find out about the world.

We help your child:

  • Explore objects and attend to the environment.
  • Notice differences between familiar and unfamiliar things.
  • Imitate repeated movements.
  • Explore properties of objects.

We help your child:

  • Show awareness of their self and others.
  • Recognize their name and the names of others.
  • Build strong relationships.
  • Initiate interactions.

We help your child:

  • Experience new objects.
  • Observe, smell, touch and manipulate objects.
  • Use simple actions to make things happen.
  • Explore living things.

We help your child:

  • Listen and respond to language and sounds.
  • Use sound and gesture to express wants, needs, and feelings.
  • Respond to social communication.
  • Show interest in books, pictures, songs, and rhymes.

Enrichment Programs

better learning

To enhance your child’s learning beyond the curriculum, we offer several enrichment programs. These programs are included with your tuition and include innovative learning in the areas of fitness, music and Spanish.

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fun for the family

Throughout the year, we host special events for you and your family that are planned around curriculum themes, the four seasons, and holidays.

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