Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When to begin?
    • Start now, why wait?  Quality child care is hard to come by, and we pride ourselves on quality education.  We're a popular choice in town and encourage parents to visit.  If there is a waiting list, don’t be discouraged, families relocate, lose jobs and change their minds about child care.
  2.  Nanny versus Daycare?
    • Fair question.  We feel that children learn best by doing, and with our larger setting and talent pool of uniquely skilled teachers, we can provide your child with a variety of activities that lets them discover the world around them.  Your child will also be exposed to a larger and more diverse social experience to have them ready for Kindergarten.  We respect and even suggest the home care option for some of our children, as it compliments there current social/emotional level better.
  3.  Licensed?
    • Yes, all three of our schools are state licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.  We raise the bar by participating in Step  Up To Quality, a daycare program that holds us accountable for improved staff training, developmental assessments, curriculum and activity centers that help fine tune your child’s motor skills.
  4. Do you accept county vouchers?
    • Yes. For more information about county vouchers, visit the county's website where you live.
  5. What are your tuition rates?
    • We align our rates based on each location. To discuss specific rates and openings please contact the center you would like your child to attend. 
  6. If my child does not attend on a certain day, do I have to pay?
    • Yes. Your tuition is used to maintain your child's enrollment in the program. 
  7. What are your hours of operation?
    • Garfield Heights: 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
      Twinsburg: 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  
  8. Are there available spots in your classrooms?
    • Please contact the individual center for the latest updates on enrollment. We maintain a waiting list for all of our classrooms and have a rolling registration process.
  9. Do you provide transportation to and from school?
    • We sure do, transportation is provided for Before and After school programs.  We utilize a mixture of public transportation from the city schools and also our own private buses to get you children safely to and from school.  We don't provide transportation to and from your home.
  10. Are you open on snow days?
    • Yes. We remain open even if the public schools are closed for inclement weather.
  11. What days are you closed?
    • We are closed on weekends and major holidays. Please check our calendar for updates.
  12. What is your discipline (behavioral guidance) policy?
    • Our conscious discipline policy is a research-based, classroom management system and social emotional learning program. This positive approach to discipline promotes intervention before a problem occurs. Our teachers utilize redirection, problem solving, and positive reinforcement in order to guide the child toward making the right decision.
  13. What is your sick policy?
    • Will you need to keep your little one home if she has a sniffle? How about a cough? Will the center contact you during the day if she spikes a fever? Know that you'll have to come up with a Plan B on mornings when daycare isn't an option.
  14. What is your registration process?
    • Our registration is an easy process whereby you fill out our Creative Learning Center registration packet, health enrollment form, and tuition agreement form. Feel free to stop in anytime and one of our friendly staff members will get this to you.
  15. Do I have to schedule a tour? How do I schedule a tour?
    • You can easily schedule a tour at any one of our three locations by filling out the form below. It's that easy! You do not have to tour our facility to register your child.
  16. What do you do to screen your teachers?
    • Our teachers are thoroughly background checked and fingerprinted. The interview process is stringent, and teachers are held to the highest standards for childcare. Many hold Associates degrees in childcare at accredited colleges. Most importantly, we look for caring, personable individuals who really love children, and will add to our family atmosphere by bringing a positive attitude to the Creative Learning team.
  17.  How does staff communicate with parents?
       The more information flowing between you and the daycare, the better — phone calls, e-mails, texts and newsletters. (Some daycares even offer webcam service.) At minimum, you should get a rundown of diaper changes, fee dings and naps. Good caregivers will want info from you
  18. What is the security system for the building?
    • Each of our three locations is completely secure. All doors and windows have locks, and playgrounds are fenced in. You can be sure that your child is safe at the Creative Learning Center.
  19. What if I can’t pick up my child that day? What are your policies?
    • Children must be picked up by 6 p.m. daily. For every 10 minutes you are late, an additional fee is assessed.
  20. Will my baby be safe?
    • Look for gates, covered outlets, and latches on cabinets; easy-to-find emergency numbers (fire, poison control); age-appropriate toys; surfaces that are disinfected regularly. Watch for red flags that show the daycare isn't current on safety standards, such as drop-side cribs or baby walkers with wheels. Once you're secure with the environment, think bigger picture: You'll want to make sure that the doors are locked and all entries are monitored.
  21. What vibe do you get from the staff?
    • You can learn a lot by observing the staff. Are they gentle and nurturing? Do they respond quickly to crying? When you visit, talk to the staff. Approach each one as a potential new friend to see if they'll actually communicate with you, as opposed to just giving canned answers.
  22. What is the baby to caregiver ratio?
    • To thrive, babies need lots of one-on-one attention — being held, talked to and rocked. That means a maximum of five babies per caregiver. Though numbers are mandated by each state, better facilities often stick to a lower ratio for optimum care
  23. Do you hold spots? For how long? What is the process?
    • The Creative Learning Center will have you complete the registration process, and then you will be put on a waiting list. As soon as an opening is available, you will be contacted. In order to secure your child's place at CELC, you must register completely to attend.
  24. What types of training do your teachers have?
    • The interview process is stringent, and teachers are held to the highest standards for childcare. Many hold Associates degrees in childcare at accredited colleges. Most importantly, we look for caring, personable individuals who really love children, and will add to our family atmosphere by bringing a positive attitude to the Creative Learning team.
  25. When are parents allowed to visit?
       Family should feel welcome at all times. Be wary of any program or family care provider who discourages unscheduled visits. Go back and visit as many times as you want before you commit. A good program will welcome that. Sit in the lobby and watch for a while to get a feel for how things run. You'll see a lot of coming and going, a lot of parent and staff interactions.
  26. What about the turnover rate?
    • Daycare centers have a notoriously high staff turnover rate — around 30 percent is average — due to low pay, lack of benefits, and the physical and emotional demands of childcare. Babies thrive in a stable, nurturing environment, so look for a place where employees stick around. To encourage staffers to stay, a good daycare treats them well — so ask about employee benefits, if there's a staff room for breaks, and how much time off they get — that sort of thing. Whether it's a center or home daycare, a place with lots of long-timers is a good sign that it's a great environment.
  27. Is there a separate area for babies?
        Babies should never be grouped with older children. Little ones can get stepped on, pushed or even bitten by active toddlers. The infant room  should also be equipped with cribs, changing tables, a refrigerator, and rocking chairs for nursing moms or caregivers who need to feed or soothe a crying baby. Watch out for over reliance on devices such as swings, cribs and bouncy chairs. Look for plenty of supervised tummy time.

  28.  What are other parents saying?

       Ask co-workers and friends for recommendations, especially those who share your basic parenting approach. Network with parents at the daycare you are considering.

  29. What does your gut say?

      If you've found a daycare with a great reputation, terrific teachers and a state-of-the-art facility, but you just can't picture your baby there, then you need to trust your instinct. If you can't overcome a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, it's not the place for you.

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