Fit Kids

Good Feels. Healthy Meals.

Our Fit Kids program promotes physical activity and nutrition as cornerstones of living a healthy life. We know that when children are physically fit and have proper nutrition, they are better able to explore the world and meet academic goals.


We Get A Move On!

In addition to an hour or more of free play every day on our Playground or in our Large Muscle Room, our children are offered structured physical activities that focus on building fundamental movement and motor skills like climbing, balancing, running, skipping, throwing, and kicking. When children are confident in these skills, they are much more likely to choose organized sports and recreation activities in the future. Physical activity is so important to us that we have created an additional Movement and Fitness Enrichment Class with sessions every Friday. We want children to learn that regular physical activity helps the body grow and be healthy.


We Kick the Can

We serve balanced and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack. We use fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminate the use of canned products. Fruits and vegetables are so important to us that they are featured as a monthly theme in our curriculum. Our meals are USDA-approved and align with the MyPlate Initiative that focuses on meals with proper serving sizes and serving all five food groups.

We know that children can be picky eaters, so we strive to expose children to new foods and recipes on a weekly basis. We have "Try-Days" where children are encouraged to try new foods. We incorporate gardening and cooking into our program so children learn where their food comes from and how to prepare it. We hope that children learn to prefer growing their own food and cooking at home, in place of eating fast food.  Our Fit Kids philosophy is embedded in everything we do. We are dedicated to showing children how physical activity and proper nutrition can help them stay happy and healthy.
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