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Creative Early Learning Center daycare and preschool has created many exciting programs that were proud to offer our children and families.  Creative's Comprehensive Curriculum combines with our Fit Kids and Nature's Classroom programs to support your children's educational, nutritional and social development.  When you choose Creative Early Learning Center Child Care & Preschool, you receive the highest quality of care and education for your family.  Below you will discover what separates us from other daycare centers near by, we present the Creative Difference!

Creative’s Comprehensive Curriculum   

Our Comprehensive Curriculum provides activities and experiences that support curiosity and helps children build social, emotional, physical, and academic skills.  We implement a unique curriculum for each of our age groups.  (Innovations for Infants, toddlers and preschoolers provides endless educational possibilities with monthly developmental learning themes.  Houghton Mifflin Pre-K curriculum focuses on Kindergarten Readiness.  Our Cincy Afterschool Curriculum provides a space for school age children to study, read, socialize and engage in recreational activities).  Our curriculum focuses on whole child development as we provide enrichment opportunities that extend far beyond academics.  We create individualized learning plans that consider each child's development, culture, interests and needs.  We align our curriculum with Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards so we are always at the forefront of the best developmentally appropriate practices.  We plan each activity and experience with the goal of helping each child meet important developmental milestones.  Creative's Comprehensive Curriculum is a play-based curriculum because children learn best by doing and by taking initiative.  Our curriculum starts with care, nurturing and relationship-building which provides each child with the tools to realize their full potential.  For more information about Creative's Comprehensive Curriculum click here.

Fit Kids

Our Fit Kids program is a commitment to combining fresh, nutritious meals with an organized physical fitness curriculum.  We focus on helping children make safe and healthy choices and install a lifelong love for exercise and physical activity.  All meals are prepared on-site by our Creative Chef's with menus that feature unique gourmet items that exceed your typical daycare fare.  We pride ourselves in providing nutritionally balanced meals with plenty of variety in color.  We encourage children to try and talk about new foods.  For our fitness component, we design physical challenges to help the kids strengthen fundamental movement skills that will make them more likely to engage in recreational and organized sports as they age.  If a child is healthy and fit they will be primed to take on any academic challenge.  With our Fit Kids nutrition program, we provide a firm foundation for health and well-being that lasts a lifetime.  To lean more about Fit Kids click here.

Nature’s Classroom

Our Nature's Classroom initiative allows children to explore the Natural World numerous times each day.  We strive to provide children ample outdoor experiences to broaden their understanding of the Natural World.  Children are born explorers and we see that instinct bloom in our many unique outdoor learning spaces.  We believe that "what children can do inside, they can do outside."  We encourage our teachers to transport traditional classroom activities outside and to "get wild" with them.  We make a large collection of learning materials available outdoors including blocks, toys, art supplies, books and musical instruments.  We also strive to bring elements of the Natural World into each classroom including pets, plants, rocks, sticks and collections.  Here in Ohio we experience the joy of all four seasons.  This allows us to plan activities for the children in all kinds of weather conditions.  We combine our Nature's Classroom and Fit Kids programs by serving fresh meals outdoors.  There's nothing better then enjoying a picnic in the park that features fresh fruits and vegetables from our gardens.  The children are at home in the great outdoors.  It's only natural.  To learn more about Nature’s Classroom click here.




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