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This program is offered to children in grades K–middle school and is supervised by trained teachers. Your child will be provided with a nutritious breakfast before school and a nutritious snack after school. Transportation is provided by the school district or via one of our private mini buses.

Our School Age Program offers Before Care, After Care, Fun Days, and Summer Camp. We
utilize the Cincy After School Curriculum during the school year, and create unique adventures and explorations for snow days, holidays, spring, summer, and during winter break.

The Cincy After School Curriculum is designed to complement elementary school academics,
support a child’s developmental assets and build positive character traits. Through academic
enrichment and exciting activities, our program helps children become committed learners with
positive values, and a positive self image.

Our curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s After School Program Standards, and Ohio’s K12 Academic Standards. We offer: Homework Help, Art Experiences, Construction Play, Dramatic Play, Outdoor Exploration, Reading Opportunities, Regular Physical Activity, Science Experiments, A Mentor Program, Rest & Relaxation Opportunities; Field Trips; and Healthy Meals.

Here is this months All Star Club Child Development Plan, an overview of activities, enrichments and experiences.  We encourage families to use these plans at home to further support your child's development.  Feel free to ask your child's teacher for a copy of any songs or possibilities you see, were happy to help.

Before and After School Care Activities

  • Choice making: Your child has the freedom to choose to play in an area of his or her choice in the classroom.
  • Creating: We offer activities to create through arts and crafts, writing, block building, singing and dancing, and cooking.
  • Interacting: Talking with other children and teachers fosters a child's sense of self and increases their self esteem.
  • Homework: Let your children receive monitored help with their homework so they can enjoy more family time at home.
  • Playing: We provide board games, computer challenges, outdoor games, karaoke, talent shows and puppet plays. Planning parties and special events are also a part of adding a lot of fun to the day.
  • Technology: We offer updated computers, tablets, and the latest from the gaming world.
  • Discovering: Real experiences provide children with opportunities to exercise their curiosity and discuss events that are relevant to their lives. Field trips, guest speakers, science experiments, cooking experiences, discovering nature and reading books are big parts of our program.

after school programs and before school programs for kids in Twinsburg & Garfield Heights


Throughout the year events are planned around curriculum themes, the four seasons and holidays. Take a look at our calendar of events and join us for fun outings and special events

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Parent Resources

To enhance your child’s learning beyond the curriculum, we offer several enrichment programs. These programs are included with your tuition and include innovative learning in the areas of fitness, music and Spanish.

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We have three convenient locations: Garfield Heights and Twinsburg.  Call to find out more about our wonderful programs at each location.

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