Creative Early Learning Center has a loyal following of families that love our unique teaching methods and our family friendly environment.  The Creative Legacy has helped educate generations of children in Northeast Ohio.  Here is a sampling of what there saying about us.


Dear CELC,

We just wanted to write to you and thank you and the staff at C.E.L.C. for a wonderful learning and enjoyable experience we’ve had while sending Marissa to your school.

Marissa started going to daycare at C.E.L.C. at 11 months old and she is now ready to graduate from Pre-K this week.  We have been so happy and comfortable with you and your teachers.  Everyone has been so friendly – they have seen Marissa grow into a little girl, and they have made it very comfortable for her to want to come to school to learn, play and meet new friends.

It has also been a wonderful experience for us when we had to go to work and we felt so comfortable leaving our child with your great staff.  I am very lucky and fortunate that we found the perfect school that cares and enjoys the children.

Every day Marissa comes home from school excited to go back the next day.  We will especially miss Mrs. Judy who has been there for Marissa since day one.  She has been so caring and gentle, and has understood Marissa’s shyness from the beginning when I had to leave her to go to work.  She has always comforted Marissa, and it has helped Marissa to feel much more comfortable being away from home.  Both Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Kim are exceptional in their careers with the children.  All the teachers are natural at what they do and we will really miss them all.  We enjoyed the experience of working together in contributing to C.E.L.C. and the success of making our child ready for her next step in life.

Again, thank you for making it a learning and enjoyable experience for our child.  We look forward to sending our son to Pre-School at C.E.L.C. when he turns 3 years old!

Don and Gina


Dear CELC,
I still can’t believe this is Patrick’s last week at CELC!  You have all been a huge part of his life, since we started him at about 12 weeks of age!

Many of you remember Brian, who started in the Toddler 2 program and went through Pre-K.  Some of you may also remember my oldest son, Billy, who is doing well at the age of 24, and started in the Toddler program back on the old Blvd.  He attended all the way through Kindergarten.

So….  We have a long history with CELC!  You have all been so wonderful!  We will have many fond memories.  Keep up the good work you all do.

Bob and Monica


Dear CELC,

Michael and I wanted to thank you for all that you do on a daily basis.  Without your love and support that you give Matthew and Nicolette, we as parents would not be able to raise our children to be the beautiful children that they are.  It is a great comfort to both Michael and I to know that our children are taken care of in such a loving way while we are at work.

Amy and Kelly, you two have done a wonderful job with Matthew this year.  He has grown in so many ways.  Mike and I feel confident that when he goes to Kindergarten next year that he will do a great job because of you two.

Rachel and Jessica, you two have been such a great influence on Nicolette.  Michael and I both are aware of her little temper and the way that you two handle it is great.  She is growing up to be a beautiful person.

To say thank you does not even begin to cover how much we appreciate all of your hard work and effort, but it is a start.

Karen and Michael


Dear CELC,

My girls have come to love your establishment and I know they will miss everyone.  We have moved in the past and everyone has been so understanding and wonderful.  When we came home because things just did not work you bent over backwards to accommodate our family.  You have always made us feel welcome and appreciated and the care provided to our children is amazing!  It is wonderful to see Katelyn get so excited to go to “school” in the mornings.  She has learned so much and I will forever be grateful.

I know this will be hard for different reasons on everyone, especially Katelyn.  She has formed strong bonds with everyone and constantly says how much she loves Miss Beverly and Miss Shannon.  I have told her that she will have new teachers and friends but I know that even though she is only 3 years old she will always remember them. 
I can never thank you enough for everything that everyone has done for both Katie and Mandy.  I feel that you are part of our extended family.  You all hold very dear places in our hearts.  My father and Miss Sandra got along quite well and my father was very stubborn.  He adored her and how she cared for Katie.  It is because of Miss Sandra’s care that Katie loves going to school everyday, she established a foundation.

Our family will always have a special place in our hearts for each and every one of you.  Thank you for all that you have done for Katelyn, Maria, and Amanda.

Karen and the girls


Dear CELC Staff,

I want to thank the great staff for everything they have done to help Michael grow and mature and have fun learning over the past year.  The experience has been wonderful for Michael and should help him make the adjustment to Kindergarten easier.  Thank you all for a wonderful year.  We look forward to sending our daughter to your center next year.

Thanks again,
Dawn & Mike


Dear CELC,

Both my husband and I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Creative Early Learning Center.  Since Mark’s start at the center never did I leave with a concern.  It was always with great confidence and reassurance that the care he received was the very best.  We will miss everyone!

Thanks again and good luck to everyone taking care of all those angels from God!



Dear CELC,

Thank you all so very much!  Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.  It has been pleasures having another child grow up with all of you at Creative Early Learning Center!



Dear CELC,

Thank you so much for letting Creative Early Learning Center be Ian’s “home” while I was at work.  I know that his temper was very challenging.  You have a very kind & patient staff.  They are great!!

The Cepek Family

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